Our geese have arrived at the organic finca!

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Geese are not very common in the Canary Islands. After several months of research, we have found a breeder who is still here in Gran Canaria. We are now starting our goose breeding with 2 couples. A little information about these lovely birds: geese are loyal and will keep their partner for a lifetime if possible. We expect the first hutchlings in January and hopefully the offspring soon.

The geese are not loud and are not bothered by people who are walking around the paths above, they simply enjoy having fun in the pool or on their little goose march. There are no Christmas geese this year, but we are confident there will be some for 2021. The geese and ducks get along perfectly. The mother duck with its offspring is the dominant bird. It is very relaxing to take time  and watch the ‘hustle and bustle’ of the every day living of our lovely new geese and their their neighbours the ducks. We look forward to your visit!

Here is a video of the arrival of the geese


Here you will find a little help on how to get to the finca.

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