Saturday (!) In the Finca Café – Restaurant | St. Martin’s goose on November 7th, 2020 – additional date

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Thank you for the numerous reservations for the St. Martins Gans essen on Sunday, November 8th, 2020. Unfortunately we are already completely booked on Sunday and due to the high demand, we decided to open our Finca Café – Restaurant on Saturday, too 07/11/2020 to open. Whether as a menu or à la carte, there is goose, which is best ordered in advance when you reserve.

As usual, we will go on a Finca tour with our new guests and will introduce you to the individual areas of the Finca. Our ‘small animals’ tour is also new: chickens, ducks, geese and our black pig Paulinchen are waiting for your visit. Our baby ducks and chicks are always a special highlight, they are just too cute and all children – big and small – are happy when they are petted. After the Finca tour is over, in addition to the usual drinks, the bar also has freshly squeezed orange juice and smoothies ready for you.

New and from now on we also have white and red homemade mulled wine from our beautiful Las Tenerías fan cups, which are now also available in our Finca shop.

Our goose dish – 19,80€

500gr leg of goose (cooked on apples and oranges for 24 hours) with homemade red cabbage. Chestnut mouse, potato and napkin dumplings on balsamic-honey sauce

Here is our St. Martin’s goose menu in 4 courses – 22,80€

  1. Rapunzel salad with potato dressing and bacon croutons
  2. Celery velvet soup with fried shrimp
  3. 500g Goose legg (cooked on apples and oranges for 24 hours) with homemade red cabbage. Chestnut mousse, potato and napkin dumplings on balsamic-honey sauce
  4. Gingerbread parfait on mulled wine oranges

Of course there are also goose meals for St. Martin, as always vegan / vegetarian options and our salad and the beef fillet Las Tenerías anyway!

We look forward to another culinary event!

We set up our terrace according to the usual minimum distance required. Please book your table in advance to avoid disappointment – call us on telephone 00 34-628177348 (also Whtsapp) or by email: Info@bio-grancanaria.com .

We look forward to your visit!

Click here to get to Finca Las Tenerife in Arteara .

You can find an overview of our events here.

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