Sundays in the Finca Café – Restaurant | Oriental cuisine and mantras on February 21th, 2021

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We look forward to our Finca Café – Restaurant opening again on Sunday, February 21th, 2021. This week there is something very special oriental and mantras! Sabrina Tomei will sing Indian mantras for us in some episodes. The motto oriental cuisine suits us very much!

As always, we will go on a Finca tour with our new guests and will introduce you to the individual areas of the Finca. Our ‘small animals’ tour is also new: chickens, ducks, geese and our black pig Paulinchen are waiting for your visit. Our baby ducks and chicks are always a special highlight, they are just too cute and all children – big and small – are happy when they are petted. After the Finca tour is over, in addition to the usual drinks, the bar also has freshly squeezed orange juice and smoothies ready for you.

You can choose from different curry variations such as the red curry madras, yellow lamb curry, green vegan curries. Ayurvedic rice (specially prepared rice with coconut milk and pineapple), Mango Lassi (a buttermilk mango cocktail without alcohol) and the typical Indian dessert: fried milk balls are delightful.

We look forward to welcoming you to the Oriental culinary event.

Sabrina Tomei has learned to sing mantras and healing songs in the last 5 years and sings both original music as well as her own compositions which she accompanies with guitar or harmonium. The native Italian is very well known, thanks to her regular appearances at retreats, events, workshops and meditations.
Singing mantras helps us balance the nervous system, focus on the present moment. Sabrina emphasizes the peace and quiet of the Finca. Over the course of the day, we will receive some examples of her skills.

Sabrina runs a YouTube channel:


We are now happy to be able to offer individual transfers to the finca. Feel free to contact us here!

We set up our terrace according to the usual minimum distance required. Please book your table in advance to avoid disappointment – call us on telephone 00 34-628177348 (also Whtsapp) or by email: Info@bio-grancanaria.com .

We are sorry, dogs are not allowed on the finca. We have a nice place, were your dog can have a lovely experience watchingh the chicikens whilst your stay.

We look forward to your visit!

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