Our Easter Menu and the Easter Dishes 2022

  • 15. April 2022
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Culinary we start the Easter weekend and of course there is also our Easter menu with many specialties.

Our 5 course Easter menu on Easter Sunday

Fine vegetable aspic with herb and onion vinaigrette and wild herb salad
Clear essence of the vine tomato with poultry and pistachio dumplings
Beetroot Carpaccio with Thai Vinaigrette and Caramelized Scallops
Roast lamb on ratatouille vegetables, Duchess potatoes and Bordelaise sauce
Rolled veal stuffed with mushrooms on ratatouille vegetables,
Duchess Potatoes and Bordeaux Sauce
Semolina flaming on strawberry mirror

Price per person €59


01. Small finca salad 6.80 €
02. Clear essence from the vine tomato with poultry and pistachio dumplings 8.80 €
03. Fine vegetable jelly with herb and onion vinaigrette and wild herb salad 9.80 €
04. Home-cured and smoked salmon with mustard sauce, wild herb salad and potato pancakes 12.80 €
05. Home-baked finca bread with alioli (3 slices) €3.90 per person

Nuestras ensaladas | Our salads
Finca Salad Las Tenerias, various raw vegetable salads, lettuce

30 with goat cheese €14.80
31 with strips of beef fillet €19.80
32 with avocado and prawns €19.80
33 with wild herbs and avocado €16.80

main courses

10. Vegetable chickpea curry with fragrant rice and fried rocket 12.80 €

11. Norwegian salmon steak with lemon butter, finca vegetables and arugadas €21.80

12. Roast lamb on ratatouille vegetables, Duchess potatoes and Bordeaux sauce €22.80

13. Rolled veal filled with mushrooms on ratatouille vegetables, duchess potatoes
and Bordeaux sauce €22.80

14. Crispy chicken breast schnitzel with French fries and salad 16.80 €

15. Finca pan, beef and pork fillet, with creamed mushrooms,
Butter spaetzle and finca vegetables 23.80 €

16. Beef fillet steak “Las Tenerias” with palm honey sauce, vegetables and rosemary potatoes 25.80 €


40. Strawberries flambéed with vanilla ice cream and red pepper €7.80

41. Honey zabaione with tiramisu ice cream €7.80

42.Fresh strawberries with cream €5.80

43. Fresh strawberries with vanilla ice cream and whipped cream €7.80

44. Mixed ice cream with vanilla, chocolate and strawberry ice cream €6.80

45. Semolina flamerie on strawberry mirror 6.80 €

Fresh bread from our own preparation to take away:

Pan rustico, 300g €3.50
Pan rustico with herbs, 300g €4.00
Pan rustico with carrots, turmeric and curry, 300g €4.00
Pan rustico with onions and bacon, 300g €4.50
Pan rustico with olives, sesame €4.50
Gourmet tongues with tomato, pepperoni, olives, cheese €3.00
Pan rustico with paprika, feta, pepperoni, 300g €4.50
Wholemeal bread made from organic spelled flour, matured for 36 hours, 450g €6.00
Easter bread with raisins, lemon peel and almonds €7.50
Easter wreath 1/4 €3.50
Easter wreath 1/2 €5.50
Easter wreath 1/1 €9.50
Nut braid, 100g €1.80

Of course you get fresh to go in the Finca Shop.

As always, we will go on a Finca tour with our new guests and will introduce you to the individual areas of the Finca. Our well loved ‘small animals’ tour is also new: chickens, ducks, geese and our black pig Paulinchen are waiting for your visit. Our baby ducks and chicks are always a special highlight, they are just too cute and all children – big and small – are happy when they are petted. After the Finca tour is over, in addition to the usual drinks, the bar also has freshly squeezed orange juice and smoothies ready for you.

We are now happy to be able to offer individual transfers to the finca. Feel free to contact us here!

We set up our terrace according to the usual minimum distance required. Please book your table in advance to avoid disappointment – call us on telephone 00 34-628177348 (also Whtsapp) or by email: Info@bio-grancanaria.com .

We are starting to allow small dogs on the finca. If you can carry your dog to your table and it stays up, you are welcome at the terrace. If you dog is a big one, we have a nice place, were your dog can have a lovely experience watching the chickens, whilst your stay.

We look forward to your visit!

Click here to get to Finca Las Tenerife in Arteara

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