Future projects

Natural pool

The completion of our 150 m2 natural pool is planned for late 2020 / early 2021. The location of our chlorine-free pool will be on a fantastic sun plateau, surrounded by tree plantations and fields below, with a wonderful view of the valley of a thousand palm trees and jagged rock formations.

This play of colors from the wonderful nature surrounding the Finca brings peace and relaxation and lets you recharge your batteries.  Our own water source is a great privilege in the dry south of the island, on our organic finca, which also fills our natural swimming pond.

We will have plenty of deck chairs and bath towels ready for you.

(Update: www.mountainbeachclub.com The future is within reach - as of 04/2021)


In March 2021, our two alpacas will arrive at the Bio Finca Gran Canaria and settle on our farm. These camel-like animals are also called Pako. They are originally from the South American Andes, and are mainly bred for their wool.

We look forward to finally welcoming our new ‚roommates‘ and we are now working hard on the construction of the stable – their new home at the Finca. Our guests can then pet them, feed them and even go for a walk with them.

We are happy to tell you more about our future projects on this page, please visit regularly.

(Update: The petting zoo will probably have to wait until 2022/2023!)

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