We have honey in stock again! Get in quick – it’s worth it!

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Our bees live on a hill at the end of the property, and you can see them on the brightly painted beehives. Bees are so sensitive that we of course used organic paints for painting. We have black, Canarian bees which unfortunately, like so many species native to the Canary Islands, are threatened with extinction. About 200,000 years ago they split off from the African bees and developed some new characteristics that are perfect for beekeeping in the tourist area. This breed has achieved an excellent adaptation to the environment and the lack of aggressiveness is an essential aspect, especially with the many visitors that come to the finca.

We have planted sunflowers, alyssium, rapeseed and many other plants and flowers for our bees in order to ensure a lush flower population for the bees all year round. This is the only way the people can grow and produce our delicious mountain blossom honey.

Here is a short video of the last visits to the bees | Enjoy watching!


Here is information on how to reserve your holiday at the organic finca

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