FAQ – Orange trees

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How long will my tree live?

An orange tree has an average life expectancy of 25 years. If your tree gets sick or dies before this time, you will get one of our trees of the same variety and age.

Can I visit my tree?

Make sure you arrange a visit with us through our contact form, so that someone can show you around the finca.

      How many oranges does a tree produce?

Our mature orange trees in the old stock produce an average of 80 kg of oranges per season. The quality and not the quantity is our top priority. We reserve the harvest of one of our older trees until your own tree bears fruit. So you can also benefit from your sponsorship directly in the first year.

Can I give away a tree?

A great gift! An orange tree is really a living and very healthy gift. After the purchase of the tree you get access to your user account. As soon as the tree appears in your garden (account), you can give it away again. A menu option guides you the way the gift will be sent by email or in the form of a certificate by mail.

What happens if I do not consume my crop this year?

The kilos that you do not consume are not lost, but you get points, What you can redeem in Finca Shop on the web or in the farm shop.

     When will my tree be planted and when will its name tag be affixed?

We have planted 100 orange trees to start the project. For each sponsorship a tree will be planted shortly. Unfortunately, it is not possible to plant in the Canary Islands every month. Climatic conditions and the well-being of the tree are of the highest priority.

The maintenance costs of my tree will be deducted directly after the tree is planted.

When ordering the sponsorship and in the following years, the maintenance costs will automatically be due before the beginning of the new harvest period (15 September). After you have bought a tree, of course you are also the owner of its fruits.

Plant a tree!