Adopting a bee family

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Adopting a bee family – what does that mean?

Adopt a bee family and get your own honey. One of our bee families produces for you the honey that you choose. Since we offer the bees a habitat with trees and other plants, in which they can produce pure and natural honey, we are happy to accommodate some people on the finca. If you like the concept, adopt your bee family.What can we offer you?


Choose the size of your bee family and see what amount of honey you can expect (where can I do that?). You have the choice between orange blossom honey and / or mountain blossom honey. You can give your bee family a name. This is of course also on the label. You will get an adoption certificate to download.

IMPORTANT: We fill the honey directly from the honeycomb into the jars, without further processing it in any way.

Personalized honey jars: The Honey harvest of your bee family is packed in personalized 1kg jars and bears the name you chose when you adopted the bee family. The Benefits of Bee Sponsorship: Keep fresh and 100% pure and natural honey of the highest quality.

Contribute to increasing the number of bees:

At the Bio Finca Arteara we create an optimal habitat for bees, free of herbicides and pesticides in the middle of the nature reserve and the biosphere reserve Arteara. The newly planted trees depend on the help of new bee families to pollinate their orange blossoms. Thanks to the adoption, the bees now have their own family for which they produce their honey.

Actively make a contribution against food waste:

We only grow what is actually consumed. We produce at a fair price, taking into account the highest quality standards and deliver directly to the consumer, without intermediaries.