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Our offer is always updated in the middle of the week. Here is the offer for the week of 9th to 15th of april, 2021


1000g potatoes
1000g tomatoes
500g courgettes
500g carrots
500g beans
500g aubergines
1 bunch of cellery
1 bunch of plantain
1 farmer cucumber
1 salad
1 onion
3 asia sald leafs
1 bunch mixed herbs


500g potatoes
500g  tomatoes
500g courgettes
500g aubergines
1/2 white cabbage
300g beans
1 garlic
1 onion
1 asia Salad leaf
1 bunch mixed herbs


GreenBOX fruit

1000g banana
1000g oranges
500g peras
500g guayabos
300g ciruelas
300g nectarinas
1 grape fruit




You can place your order at any time on the web shop, by phone and on WhatsApp: 0034-628177348 or by email info@bio-grancanaria.com

Here is more information on all products from the Finca Shop:

Find more information about our GreenBOX here .

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