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What is behind the sponsorship of an orange tree?

We plant an orange tree for you on our finca in Arteara / Gran Canaria. You can watch it grow on your phone and see it thrive and its harvest in our farm shop, pick up address in San Fernando or delivery to a Canarian address. If you want to join the new trend Crowd Garden, reserve your orange tree for the upcoming season. Through the already supporting stock, we can provide you with oranges in the first year of the sponsorship.We plant a tree for each sponsorship.How can you become an orange tree owner? Reserve an orange tree and give it a name.We will inform you by e-mail as soon as we have planted your tree. You get access to the account of your tree, where you can follow the development during the year. We guarantee you 60 kg harvest per year. How you want to divide the deliveries, you can decide freely during the season. Or divide the tree and get so only half of the harvest. In the first year, we plant your orange tree and grow until it bears fruit. In order to be present from the first season and to enjoy our delicious and juicy oranges, we provide you with fruit from a tree of our old stock.

Price of the tree in the first year: 85.00 € (-> 60kg oranges)

If you like your first year with your orange tree, of course, you can remain true to this and now eat the fruits of your own tree. You can return your tree at any time without stating reasons. Of course, we will continue to take care of him lovingly and you can even get it back.

Price of the tree from the 2nd year: 60.00 € / year (-> 60kg oranges)

The costs of the sponsorship remain the same throughout the life of the tree. You get your oranges in as many deliveries as you want. Decide how much kilos we can harvest with each order. You can pick your oranges directly from our plantation in Arteara during the season Wednesday to Sunday.


  • FAIR PRICES – After you have bought a tree, you are, of course, the owner of its fruits. REDUCING CO2 OUTDOORS – By selling directly from the finca to your home, our fruits are neither stored nor transported unnecessarily.
  • MAXIMUM TRANSPARENCY – We are always happy when our sponsors come to visit us on the finca in Arteara. In the farm shop you can buy daily fresh produce from the finca. Get to know our company and our team personally! Make an appointment to visit the finca and see for yourself our quality and production standards! You can also try many of our products here!
  • OPTIMIZED PRODUCTION – Awareness and sustainability: Overproduction does not exist here. We only plant and harvest what our godparents order. The waste of edible food is avoided on our finca.

Frequently asked questions about the orange trees