Adopt a chicken

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Adopt a chicken – what exactly does that mean?

Adopt a chicken and get your own eggs. For 1 year you get 6 eggs a week from your chicken as a subscription.

We care for & feed your chicken, and we offer the chickens a pleasant habitat with trees, meadows and other plants, where they eat mountain herbs and flowers and apart from the self-caught insects be nourished vegan by us. If you like the concept, adopt your chicken.

What we offer you?

Adopt a chicken now and look forward to the deliciously tasty eggs.You can name your chicken. Of course, you will get an adoption certificate with picture for download.

After one year you can renew the subscription.

Visiting your chicken

Anytime you can visit your chicken on the finca. Chickens are great animals and it is a great pleasure to see how they carelessly spend the day pecking and pawing. Please pre-register!

The Benefits of a Chicken Sponsorship:

Get fresh eggs of the highest quality and be 100% sure about the diet and upkeep of your chicken. We love our chickens. Help your chicken to naturally loosen and fertilize our agricultural soils. A holistic Finca Lifecycle approach also actively contribute to food waste: We only grow what is actually consumed. We produce at a fair price, taking into account the highest quality standards and deliver directly to you, without intermediaries.

The reusable box

We want to protect the environment, so you will receive a robust box for the eggs, which will be exchanged each time you receive fresh eggs.

These are your costs: You have a single payment of 159, – € including the deposit of 6, – € for the reusable box.


The eggs are delivered every Saturday without additional costs in San Fernando or you can pick them up at the farm.

If you have a green box subscription, the eggs are included free of charge. Otherwise there are no further costs to you!